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Simon’s Deli

I'm a duck of discerning tastes. Which is why when Simon's at Groot Constantia told me about their latest venture, I just knew I had to be a part of it! So I packed my bag, put on my hat and made my way to the picturesque Groot Constantia winelands.

Then they told me their vision... They told me of meats and cheeses and pickles and preserves. Of families and picnic baskets and sunny days. Of wine and laughter and happiness on every blanket and table. "Fabulous," I said. "Let's do it", how could I not!

We sourced all the finest produce from across the Western Cape. And then we went to work. We laid out tables and chairs. We filled fridges and shelves, packed baskets, sliced, diced and bottled. I helped by tasting the occasional tidbit, had to make sure we were only serving the best of course.  

And now it's finally here. Simon's Deli. Purveyor of fine food and drink. Maker of delicious breakfasts. Packer of picnic hampers. Vendor of the finest local delicatessen fare in the Cape. And seller of all things scrumptious.

Now it is your turn, Come and  browse our shelves, taste our produce, spread out on our lawns, sit at our chairs and tables, and make yummy noises all day long whilst taking in the amazing views. You can either pack your own picnic basket or call us and we will pack it for you. It is that easy. The doors at Simon's Deli are wide open. Come in, enjoy, and say hello if you have a moment. You'll recognise me. I'm the one with the hat.

Simon the Duck